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Welcome :-)

Hello! My name is Qinyuan Ye. I am currently a first-year CS Ph.D. student at University of Southern California, working with Prof. Xiang Ren. Prior to that I was an undergraduate student at Tsinghua University, majoring in Automation.

My research interests lie in natural language processing and I’m particularly interested in approaches that reduce human annotation efforts. Previously I worked on distantly supervised relation extraction. Currently I’m working on QA with natural language guidance. I am looking for 2020 summer research internship opportunity!


Aug 2019 - Present,
Ph.D. Student in Computer Science, University of Southern California.

Aug 2015 - Jul 2019,
B.Eng in Automation, Department of Automation, Tsinghua University,
GPA 3.84/4, Rank 4/160.


Looking Beyond Label Noise: Shifted Label Distribution Matters in Distantly Supervised Relation Extraction
Qinyuan Ye*, Liyuan Liu*, Maosen Zhang, Xiang Ren (* Equal contribution)
In proceedings of EMNLP-IJCNLP 2019 (Oral Presentation).
[Paper] [Github]

Modeling Content Interaction in Information Diffusion with Pre-trained Sentence Embedding
Qinyuan Ye, Yuejiang Li, Yan Chen and H. Vicky Zhao
To appear in APSIPA 2019.


Oct 2018 - Jun 2019, Undergraudate Thesis,
Text Mining for Information Diffusion over Social Networks,
Advisor: Prof. H. Vicky Zhao;

Jul 2018 - Oct 2018, Research Intern,
Systematic Study of Distantly Supervised Relation Extraction,
Advisor: Prof. Xiang Ren.


Mar 2019 - Jul 2019, Software Engineering Intern in Machine Learning,
@ TensorFlow Lite, Google, Beijing, China

Jul 2017 - Aug 2017, Technology Summer Analyst (Application Development Track),
@ Institutional Securities Tech, Morgan Stanley, Shanghai, China

Awards and Honors

Feb 2019,
Annenberg Fellowship, University of Southern California;

Oct 2017 and Oct 2018,
China National Scholarship;

Oct 2016,
POSCO Asia Fellowship;

July 2014,
Bronze Prize, National Olympiad in Informatics.


I was a blocker at female volleyball varsity team (for non-professional students) @ Tsinghua. I also like swimming.
I was a crazy fan of TV show ‘Super Vocal’. Not so crazy right now but still love the show very much!